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Real-time training during global emergencies is critical for effective preparedness and response. The COVID-19 channel provides learning resources for health professionals, decision-makers and the public for the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Training For Current Outbreak
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Our ISM Graduates (B.A.M.S. And B.U.M.S.) are providing Health Services continuously in Global Covid-19 Pandemic in various villages, cities and districts through government institutes and private OPDs.
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Total Records : 428 / 10 States

Sr. No. State District Place Doctor Name Contact
1 Bihar East Champaran Ruphara Dr. Kumar Shivpujan Surya Dev Prasad Yadav 7272940400 Read More
2 Bihar East Champaran Shreerampur Dr. Hakim Dr. Hakim Prasad Mr. Krishna Dec Prasad 6205574939 Read More
3 Bihar East Champaran Shreerampur Dr. Priyanka Priyanka Kumari Hakim Prasad 7485025894 Read More
4 Bihar Gaya Gaya Dr. Barick G K 9934749636 Read More
5 Bihar Gaya Gaya Dr. Mrityunjay Kumar 9431290006 Read More
6 Bihar Gopalganj Sirisiya Sasamusa Gopalganj Dr. Anawar Abdul Nazir 7004414451 Read More
7 Bihar Rohtas Dehri Dr. Ray Pratibha Krishna N.A. Read More
8 Bihar Rohtas Rohtas Dr. Anwar Dr.ashif Anwar 9097956802 Read More
9 Bihar West Champaran Valmiki Nagar Dr. Lakshman Kumar 9199940929 Read More
10 Delhi East Delhi Delhi Dr. Gupta Dr. Rashmi Rajesh Kumar 9868168384 Read More
11 Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Dr. Gupta Manoharlal Hazari Lal 9650459393 Read More
12 Delhi South West Delhi Vikaspuri Dr. Gupta Manohar Lal Late Hazari Lal 9810052126 Read More
13 Delhi West Delhi Rajnagar Dr. Patel Kanchan Sanjeet Kumar 9350115775 Read More
14 Haryana Panipat Babail Dr. Phaugat Anju N.A. Read More
15 Haryana Yamunanagar Jagadhari Dr. Garg Amit And Team 9466017910 Read More
16 Jharkhand Pakur Baliadangal, Maheshpur Dr. Alam Md Maqsud Md Hussain Ansari 7070604020 Read More
17 Karnataka Bangalore Urban Bangalore Urban Karanataka Dr. Dr.santhosh Dr.santhosh Thangavelu.c 9886355033 Read More
18 Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Chhindwara Dr. Rao Nagraj Shivaji 9168286355 Read More
19 Madhya Pradesh Indore Indore Dr. Gupta Rakesh N.A. Read More
20 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Jabalpur Dr. Thakur Kalyan Singh 9425434512 Read More
21 Madhya Pradesh Rajgarh Narsinghgarh Dr. Basu Dr Anish Baran 9200199400 Read More
22 Madhya Pradesh Rajgarh Sarangpur Dr. Mishra Kirti Kumar Shri Laxminarayan 9425444316 Read More
23 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahemdnagar Dr. Kulkarni Pushkaraj Shrikant 9921234470 Read More
24 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Bagale Snehlata Subhash 9423792987 Read More
25 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Bagale Subhash Vaijinath 9422221064 Read More
26 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Chaudhari Narendra Shrirang 9422737871 Read More
27 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Dr Keval Chandrakant Sonuji 9921022459 Read More
28 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Eklahare Sachin Janardan 8975152998 Read More
29 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Gandhi Sachin Chandrakant 9422226790 Read More
30 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Girge Dattu Yadav 9423463985 Read More
31 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Jadhav Deepak Shivaji 9226246458 Read More
32 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Kale Mangesh Dattatraya 9822434585 Read More
33 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Karmalkar Darshan Dilip 9890999120 Read More
34 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Munot Dipak Rameshlal 9960886696 Read More
35 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Narwade Ravindra Laxmanrao 9422736300 Read More
36 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Pacharane Ravikant Vishwanath 9422733627 Read More
37 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Rohokale Archana Vasanr 9421588815 Read More
38 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Udmale Rushikesh Ajinath 9822269206 Read More
39 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar Dr. Wagh Prashant Murlidhar 9130007944 Read More
40 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar City Dr. Borkar Ashish Ravindranath 8600661891 Read More
41 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar City Dr. Borkar Gauri Ashish 9822758330 Read More
42 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Akole Dr. Kadlag Sandip Vasant 9403545343 Read More
43 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Akole Dr. Tamboli Asif Kaderbhai 9423464564 Read More
44 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Bhalwani Dr. Manurkar Manasi Sudarshan N.A. Read More
45 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Burhanagar Dr. Khandve Suresh Uttam 9822069220 Read More
46 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ghodegaon Dr. Kadam Kalpana Shravanbal 9405746130 Read More
47 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ghodegaon Dr. Kadam Shravanbal Genuji 9561305678 Read More
48 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Karanji Dr. Akolkar Chandrashekhar Mohanrao 9665448989 Read More
49 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Karanji Dr. Akolkar Vaishali Chandrashekhar 9657636460 Read More
50 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Karjat Dr. Baldota Jayamala Udaykumar N.A. Read More
51 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Karjat Dr. Baldota Udaykumar Popatlal N.A. Read More
52 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Kedgoan Dr. Gaikwad Sham Sudhakar 9422234732 Read More
53 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Kharda Dr. Gopalghare Sopan Aba 8888233402 Read More
54 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Manikdaundi Dr. Shirsat Amol Babasaheb N.A. Read More
55 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Nandur Pathar Dr. Shinde Deepak Bhanudas 9970829818 Read More
56 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Nevasa Dr. Sanap Nilam N.A. Read More
57 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Rahuri Dr. Dr.khedekar Kishor Bhausaheb 9021198881 Read More
58 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Rahuri Dr. Shinde Abhishek Bandeshkumar 7709184054 Read More
59 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Rahuri Dr. Shirsath Abhijeet Dileep 9404980598 Read More
60 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Rui Chhatrapati Dr. Kolhe Nilesh 9689892655 Read More
61 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Sangamner Dr. Karanjekar Vikas Tanhaji 9860130392 Read More
62 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Sangamner Dr. Kolhe Subhash Maruti 9028060941 Read More
63 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Sangamner Dr. Kortikar Omkar Vinayak 9850218004 Read More
64 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Sangamner/nimaj Dr. Gunjal Sharad Dattu 9822991124 Read More
65 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Savedi Ahmednagar Dr. Karale Bhagwan Sudam 9850126427 Read More
66 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Savedi Ahmednagar Dr. Karale Sanjeevani Bhagawan 9922966677 Read More
67 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Shevgaon Dr. Cheke Ganesh Sadashiv 9850063336 Read More
68 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Supa Tal. Parner Dr. Handore Amruta Atul 9028448779 Read More
69 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Supa Tal. Parner Dr. Handore Atul Goraksha 9922884689 Read More
70 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Takali Dhokeshwar Dr. Bande Atulkumar Babasaheb N.A. Read More
71 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Takali Dhokeshwar Dr. Datir Dattatray Vishwanath 9960177944 Read More
72 Maharashtra Ahmednagar Takalikaziw Dr. Jadhav Sachin Shivaji 9823891112 Read More
73 Maharashtra Akola Akola Dr. Dabhadkar Gopal N.A. Read More
74 Maharashtra Akola Akola Dr. Lulla Sunilkumar Kanhaiyalal 9422124141 Read More
75 Maharashtra Akola Akola Dr. Pradhan Nishant Babanrao 9975634556 Read More
76 Maharashtra Akola Akola Dr. Shaikh Ather Shaikh Bahadar 8087794232 Read More
77 Maharashtra Akola Akola Dr. Thawrani Sunil Chandrabhan 9422160040 Read More
78 Maharashtra Akola City Dr. Rathi Dr.dinesh Ishwardas 9423160400 Read More
79 Maharashtra Akola Murtizapur Dr. Gulhane Pravin W. 9421792494 Read More
80 Maharashtra Amravati Amravati Dr. Khandare Priya Singh 9595988688 Read More
81 Maharashtra Amravati Amravati Dr. Punse Aparna N.A. Read More
82 Maharashtra Amravati Rajurwadi Dr. Jaisingkar Smita 9766136115 Read More
83 Maharashtra Auranagabad Sillod Dr. Gunjal Prabhakar N.A. Read More
84 Maharashtra Auranagabad Sillod Dr. Sayyed Saeed Quadri N.A. Read More
85 Maharashtra Aurangabad Aurangabad Dr. Kulkarni Dr. Kiran Chandrashekhar 7276697979 Read More
86 Maharashtra Aurangabad Aurangabad Dr. Mohite Sudhakar Pundlikrao 9823133189 Read More
87 Maharashtra Aurangabad Bidkin Dr. Chavan (Kamble) Manisha N.A. Read More
88 Maharashtra Aurangabad City Dr. Jirwankar Aparna Prabhakar 9404486833 Read More
89 Maharashtra Aurangabad Khultabad Dr. Puranik Swati N.A. Read More
90 Maharashtra Aurangabad Kunjkheda Dr. Pathan Imran Khan 9420812816 Read More
91 Maharashtra Aurangabad Sillod Dr. Naseer Qaureshi N.A. Read More
92 Maharashtra Aurangabad Vaijapur Dr. Mahadik Dhananjay Balasaheb 9423394319 Read More
93 Maharashtra Bhandara Bhandara Dr. Mahakalkar Abhilasha R. N.A. Read More
94 Maharashtra Buldhana Borakhed Dr. Bambratkar Amit N.A. Read More
95 Maharashtra Buldhana Buldhana Dr. Kate Sheetal N.A. Read More
96 Maharashtra Buldhana Buldhana Dr. Shelke Sonali Dattatraya 9422958945 Read More
97 Maharashtra Buldhana Jalgaon Jamod Dr. Umale Atul 9921039003 Read More
98 Maharashtra Buldhana Khamgaon Dr. Kharche Surekha Sopan 9405106134 Read More
99 Maharashtra Buldhana Motala Dr. Kharche Sopan Ninaji 9850407145 Read More
100 Maharashtra Buldhana Pimpalgao Raja Dr. Mankar Bhavana Sheshrao N.A. Read More
101 Maharashtra Chandrapur Bramhapuri Dr. Gahane Supriya Yeshwant 7083223068 Read More
102 Maharashtra Chandrapur Chandrapur Dr. Bhagat Sumit Uttam 9579412159 Read More
103 Maharashtra Chandrapur Chandrapur Dr. Dabgewar Amit A. 9960335776 Read More
104 Maharashtra Chandrapur Chandrapur Dr. Lengure Manohar Ganpatrao 9823681718 Read More
105 Maharashtra Chandrapur Chandrapur Dr. Sarbere Preeti 8766984287 Read More
106 Maharashtra Chandrapur Chandrapur Dr. Tamgadge Arpana Arun 8180915473 Read More
107 Maharashtra Chandrapur Chunala Dr. Nishad Malti N.A. Read More
108 Maharashtra Chandrapur Kosarsar Dr. Rode Prachi Ramesh N.A. Read More
109 Maharashtra Chandrapur Mul Dr. Chaudhari Vinod Haribhau 9422838051 Read More
110 Maharashtra Chandrapur Nagbhid Dr. Madavi Vinod N.A. Read More
111 Maharashtra Chandrapur P H C Bengal Ta Mul Dr. Lengure Dr Jatin Manohar 7020719238 Read More
112 Maharashtra Chandrapur Varora Dr. Dudhe Sheetalkumar 8149912669 Read More
113 Maharashtra Dhule Dhule Dr. Patil Madhuri Yogesh N.A. Read More
114 Maharashtra Dhule Dhule Dr. Patil Yogesh R N.A. Read More
115 Maharashtra Dhule Shirpur Dr. Batra Nitu Sanjay 9404010204 Read More
116 Maharashtra Dhule Shirpur Dr. Bhandari Shreyas Subhash 9423411011 Read More
117 Maharashtra Dhule Songir Dr. Subhedar Ujwala N.A. Read More
118 Maharashtra Gadchiroli Gadchiroli Dr. Dr.kamdi Sachin Khushalrao 9423423376 Read More
119 Maharashtra Gadchiroli Korchi Dr. Barde Sachin N.A. Read More
120 Maharashtra Gondia Arjuni Morgaon Dr. Rahele Dipak Markand 9420620659 Read More
121 Maharashtra Gondia Dawaniwada Dr. Maskare Omeshwar Manoharprasad 9545772305 Read More
122 Maharashtra Gondia Lahitola Dr. Hirapure Yogeshkumar Rameshwar 9423114422 Read More
123 Maharashtra Gondia Salekasa Dr. Bhase Shailesh Dudhram 9021058995 Read More
124 Maharashtra Hingoli Aundha Dr. Awchar Amol Pandurang N.A. Read More
125 Maharashtra Hingoli Hingoli Dr. Dhadwe Gajanan Ramchandra 9422175390 Read More
126 Maharashtra Hingoli Kalamnuri Dr. Kalyankar Santosh Deorao 9422192362 Read More
127 Maharashtra Hingoli Sakhara Dr. Dange Anilkumar Kishanrao N.A. Read More
128 Maharashtra Hingoli Sawana Dr. Borkar Vijay Tulashiram N.A. Read More
129 Maharashtra Jalgaon Bhusawal Dr. Chaudhari Pritesh Gopal 9970416678 Read More
130 Maharashtra Jalgaon Bhusawal Dr. Shaikh Arshiya Saeed 9665335008 Read More
131 Maharashtra Jalgaon Dhanora (Chopda) Dr. Kawadiwale Umesh N.A. Read More
132 Maharashtra Jalgaon Jalgaon Dr. Pinjari Zakir Husain Shaikh Gulab N.A. Read More
133 Maharashtra Jalgaon Janve Dr. Nerpawar Arati Prakash N.A. Read More
134 Maharashtra Jalgaon Sakali Dr. Kawadiwale Swati N.A. Read More
135 Maharashtra Jalgaon Tamaswadi Dr. Patil Dhananjay Khanderao N.A. Read More
136 Maharashtra Jalgaon Waghod Dr. Ajalsonde Anupam Shrawan N.A. Read More
137 Maharashtra Jalna Ambad Dr. Ghuge Pournima Kondibarao N.A. Read More
138 Maharashtra Jalna Ner Dr. Ingle Gajanan Ramrao 8208772237 Read More
139 Maharashtra Jalna Partur Dr. Unawane Mahadev Narayan N.A. Read More
140 Maharashtra Jalna Walsavangi Dr. Kulkarni Dinesh 9423158489 Read More
141 Maharashtra Kalyan Kalyan Dr. Potdukhe Shyam N.A. Read More
142 Maharashtra Kolhapur Karveer Dr. Kalage Anup Arvind 8484853190 Read More
143 Maharashtra Kolhapur Kolhapur Dr. Suryawanshi Pratima Ashok N.A. Read More
144 Maharashtra Latur Hadolti Dr. Dr.gutte Madhav Sambhaji 9175072437 Read More
145 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Biradar Dinkar Keshavrao 9028672116 Read More
146 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Birajdar Shivaji Panditrao 9890263644 Read More
147 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Joshi Sanjay Sudhakarrao 9422470230 Read More
148 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Kalshetti Dr Surekha Dayanand 9890087280 Read More
149 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Kalshetti Surekha N.A. Read More
150 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Kulkarni Shrikant B. N.A. Read More
151 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Lakhangaonkar Suresh Shankarrao 9423756588 Read More
152 Maharashtra Latur Latur Dr. Sharma Shantilal Harakchand 9423075628 Read More
153 Maharashtra Latur Murud Dr. Patil Pramod Rajendra 9423348478 Read More
154 Maharashtra Mumbai Andheri East Dr. Rangari Nisha N.A. Read More
155 Maharashtra Mumbai Andheri West Dr. Pande Anil 9221335444 Read More
156 Maharashtra Mumbai Kandivali East Dr. Anantwar Tulshiram N. 9892087785 Read More
157 Maharashtra Mumbai Parel Dr. Joshi - Salgaonkar Pooja N.A. Read More
158 Maharashtra Mumbai City Mumbai Dr. Patle Asha Nilkanth 7020274415 Read More
159 Maharashtra Mumbai City Sion Dr. Mogal Sameer Saheb 9136086864 Read More
160 Maharashtra Nagpur Bhiwapur Dr. Gupta Pradeep Ramswarup 9423104103 Read More
161 Maharashtra Nagpur Bhiwapur Dr. Kakde Mithilesh Kawaduji 9766157563 Read More
162 Maharashtra Nagpur Gumathi Tq.kamathi Dr. Ingole Pankaj Shivdas 8888636584 Read More
163 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Ansari Dr Ziyauddin Shamsuddin 8208300384 Read More
164 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Dipani Manishkumar Hiralal 9421702452 Read More
165 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Dipani Rajesh Nanakram 9970828939 Read More
166 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Dr.chawla Amitkumar Rameshchandra 9021072508 Read More
167 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Gurudasani Manoj Gopaldas 9850480504 Read More
168 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Jamal Salma Qaisar 9970217010 Read More
169 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Kashyap Sandeep Rameshkumar 9326634501 Read More
170 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Quddusi Mohtashim Rizwan 9371010500 Read More
171 Maharashtra Nagpur Kamptee Dr. Shendre Dr. Sanjay Mohanlal 9822564605 Read More
172 Maharashtra Nagpur Kanhan Dr. Jamodkar Shrikrishna Madhaorao 9422819757 Read More
173 Maharashtra Nagpur Kanhan Dr. Mahalle Rahul Manikrao 9850931615 Read More
174 Maharashtra Nagpur Kanhan Dr. Verma Ranvirsingh Balramsingh 9158775895 Read More
175 Maharashtra Nagpur Katol Road, Nagpur Dr. Bagade Archana Swarnabhushan 9767657933 Read More
176 Maharashtra Nagpur Khapa Dr. Pinge Paresh Jawahar 8605487717 Read More
177 Maharashtra Nagpur Khaperkheda Dr. Deshmukh Rajendra Shivhari 9764452365 Read More
178 Maharashtra Nagpur Kharsoli Dr. Barde Omprakash H 9730130036 Read More
179 Maharashtra Nagpur Mahalgaon Dr. Therey Amit Arunrao 9823350005 Read More
180 Maharashtra Nagpur Mandhal Dr. Nitgulkar Gajendra Bhagwanji 9405944282 Read More
181 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Agrawal Mamta Shailendra 7507465090 Read More
182 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Agrawal Shailendra Bavharanlal 7755979872 Read More
183 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Ali Dr.tausif Asif 9370701073 Read More
184 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Ambhore Shashank Dnyandeo 9890624364 Read More
185 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Ansari Fatima Mohd. Ismail 8805725180 Read More
186 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Apaturkar Nirmala Chandrabhanji 8600503837 Read More
187 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Asefa Quddusi Asefa Quddusi Nishat Ahmad Quddusi 7020959217 Read More
188 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Bagdd Milind Govindrao 9850360169 Read More
189 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Bansod Dr Anurup Nandkumat 9423109762 Read More
190 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Birtharia Kavita Pradeep 8329398156 Read More
191 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Bobade Shubham Ravindra 9049484374 Read More
192 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Dr Khan Kashfudduja Shafiulwara 9665054463 Read More
193 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Dr Wadekar Hemant Ramdas 9049636563 Read More
194 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Dr. Ziyauddin Shamsuddin 9325630570 Read More
195 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Dube Sanket 9970528783 Read More
196 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Giripunje Smita Virendra 9922587412 Read More
197 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Giripunje Virendra Nilkanth 9922587712 Read More
198 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Gite Prachi Prakash 7666227433 Read More
199 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Gondane Rahul Namdeo 8087800248 Read More
200 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Joshi Archana Moreshwar 9822238710 Read More
201 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Kalantri Dr. Rajeshwar Gokul 7798953458 Read More
202 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Khan Azaina Afsar 7028287466 Read More
203 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Khan Hammad Abdul Mateen 9021801114 Read More
204 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Kosey Rajkumar Deochand 9225222768 Read More
205 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Kukade Manoj Narendra 9403589817 Read More
206 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Lunge Shantidas 9689985005 Read More
207 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Manekar Mrs Nilaja Shailesh 7888049717 Read More
208 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Mankar Smruti Suresh 9975849172 Read More
209 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Masane Ajay Mangal 9422110874 Read More
210 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Mehta Rohit Jayant 9860409188 Read More
211 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Meshram Suryakant Madhukar 9422129312 Read More
212 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Pawar Dr Jayant Ramkrushnarao 9423630165 Read More
213 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Sawane Nitin Vinayak 9822698975 Read More
214 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Shah Meghna Virendra 9657889424 Read More
215 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Shah Virendra Keshavlal 8888270990 Read More
216 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Sharma Radheshyam Dineshprasad 9423606088 Read More
217 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Shinde Rupali Babanrao 7841899923 Read More
218 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Solanki Dhananjay Kishori Lal 8983944115 Read More
219 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Tembhare Ishwarchandra Shyamrao 9325321634 Read More
220 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Tembhare Pooja Ishwarchandra 9890212019 Read More
221 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Tripathi Sharad Durgaprasad 9823078254 Read More
222 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Tundulwar Jyoti Pradeep 9403197257 Read More
223 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Verma Dr Monika Ranvirsingh 9049065984 Read More
224 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Wanikar Shrikant Narhari 9422107017 Read More
225 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Warghane Nitin Ramrao 9595804747 Read More
226 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Dr. Yende Mohan Ramchandra 9970137300 Read More
227 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur 133 Shankar Nagar Dr. Charde Hemant Pundlikrao 9881820914 Read More
228 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur 133 Shankar Nagar Dr. Charde Vaishali Hemant 9881024232 Read More
229 Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur Wadi Dr. Sule Dr.ashwin Rambhau 9860274262 Read More
230 Maharashtra Nagpur Ngpur Dr. Shahu Dr. Ritika Sushil 9075331677 Read More
231 Maharashtra Nagpur Pipla (d.b) Dr. Javed Faizan Ishrat 9970244614 Read More
232 Maharashtra Nagpur Ranala Kamptee Dr. Borkar Ashwani Ramesh 7030502333 Read More
233 Maharashtra Nagpur Ranala Village Kamptee Dr. Borkar Ashwani Ramesh 7030502444 Read More
234 Maharashtra Nagpur Ranala Village Kamptee Dr. Kothari Borkar Neha Jagdish 9511835748 Read More
235 Maharashtra Nagpur Saoner Dr. Kambe Swapnil Raju 8668394858 Read More
236 Maharashtra Nagpur Umred Dr. Bhiwapurkar Dr. Umesh Purushottam 9422344499 Read More
237 Maharashtra Nagpur Umred Dr. Nagose Monika Suraj 7028382685 Read More
238 Maharashtra Nagpur Umred Dr. Nagose Suraj Dadaji 8805373730 Read More
239 Maharashtra Nagpur Waddhaman/wadi/amravati Road Dr. Chavan Manish Deonarayan 9970430012 Read More
240 Maharashtra Nagpur Wadi Dr. Chitmulwar Vikas Narayan 9890992416 Read More
241 Maharashtra Nagpur Wadi, Nagpur Dr. Mawale Varsha Yadaokumar 9326566671 Read More
242 Maharashtra Nanded Ashta Dr. Dipke Dipali N.A. Read More
243 Maharashtra Nanded Degloor Dr. Ingale Sanjay N.A. Read More
244 Maharashtra Nanded Hadgaon Dr. Kanwale Sunita N.A. Read More
245 Maharashtra Nanded Joshi Sangvi Dr. Kute Nitesh Pundlikrao 9822996121 Read More
246 Maharashtra Nanded Kandhar Dr. More Shrikant N.A. Read More
247 Maharashtra Nanded Loha Dr. Lohare Baswaraj Laxman 8788001603 Read More
248 Maharashtra Nanded Mukhed Dr. Shetwad Vitthal Tulshiram N.A. Read More
249 Maharashtra Nanded Naigaon Dr. Bidwai Shivaji Shridhar N.A. Read More
250 Maharashtra Nanded Naigaon Dr. Chavan Vishwas Venkatrao 9423305758 Read More
251 Maharashtra Nanded Naigaon Dr. Waghmare Sunil Bhimrao 9422560500 Read More
252 Maharashtra Nanded Nanded Dr. Garud Anuradha Vaibhav 9923419807 Read More
253 Maharashtra Nanded Nanded Dr. Honde Vidya N.A. Read More
254 Maharashtra Nanded Naraj Dr. Waghmare Sunil N.A. Read More
255 Maharashtra Nanded Umri Bazar Dr. Kharjule Rekha Ambadas N.A. Read More
256 Maharashtra Nandurbar Kalsadi Dr. Patil Vinayak Bhatu N.A. Read More
257 Maharashtra Nandurbar Kharwad Dr. Patil Shrikant 9823682523 Read More
258 Maharashtra Nandurbar Navapur Dr. S0nje Prasad Fakira 9422289827 Read More
259 Maharashtra Nandurbar Rakaswade Dr. Salunke Pralhad R. N.A. Read More
260 Maharashtra Nandurbar Sarangkheda Dr. Mali Ashutosh N.A. Read More
261 Maharashtra Nashik Ashoka Marg Nashik Dr. Deo Vaibhavi Vikas 8888221166 Read More
262 Maharashtra Nashik Ashoka Marg, Nashik Dr. Deo Vikas Krishnarao 8888331166 Read More
263 Maharashtra Nashik Dhodambe,tal Chandwad Dr. Shahir Nitin Babanappa 9422263186 Read More
264 Maharashtra Nashik Gangapur Road, Nashik Dr. Bachhav Devendra Sayajirao 9422760940 Read More
265 Maharashtra Nashik Ghoti Dr. Mahajan Sachin Ratan 8007857872 Read More
266 Maharashtra Nashik Ghoti Dr. Songire Girish Tulshiram 8983524124 Read More
267 Maharashtra Nashik Kamatwade Nashik Dr. Gangurde Nayankumar Karbhari 9225139506 Read More
268 Maharashtra Nashik Lasalgaon Dr. Thakare Anil S. 9822758397 Read More
269 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Date Shivaji Gajiram 9422263902 Read More
270 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Date Tejas Shivaji 7276215726 Read More
271 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Dharane Madhura Suhas 9604604878 Read More
272 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Gaidhani Surendra Prabhakar 9822013460 Read More
273 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Gujarathi Pranita Dhananjay 9373585498 Read More
274 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Jadhav Lalit Babanrao 9822776764 Read More
275 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Joshi Manish Manohar 9420462065 Read More
276 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Patil Deepak Narayan 9371603999 Read More
277 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Patil Ketan Vithoba 9423051975 Read More
278 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Patil Komal Ketan 9518545296 Read More
279 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Wani Bhushan Madhukar 9890693597 Read More
280 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Dr. Yavankar Ajay Prabhakar 9422261277 Read More
281 Maharashtra Nashik Naydongri Dr. Pawar Ashwini Gunwant N.A. Read More
282 Maharashtra Nashik Ozar Mig Dr. Bhamare Mangesh S. N.A. Read More
283 Maharashtra Nashik Peth Dr. Pawar Gunwant Prabhakar 9960768595 Read More
284 Maharashtra Nashik Satpur Dr. Chordiya Nilesh Vijay 7841064586 Read More
285 Maharashtra Nashik Vavi Primary Health Centre Dr. Garud Vaibhav Ramakant 9096634223 Read More
286 Maharashtra Nashik Wavi Dr. Garud Vaibhav N.A. Read More
287 Maharashtra Osmanabad Kallam Dr. Gitey Bhakti N.A. Read More
288 Maharashtra Osmanabad Osmanabad Dr. Kadam Bhagyashri Kishor N.A. Read More
289 Maharashtra Palghar Wada Dr. Bhanushali Sameer 9892788828 Read More
290 Maharashtra Pune Aundh Dr. Tamboli Shama N.A. Read More
291 Maharashtra Pune Baner Dr. Swar Shilpa N.A. Read More
292 Maharashtra Pune Chikhali Dr. Bhalsing Vidya 9850712875 Read More
293 Maharashtra Pune Chinchwad Dr. Badade Geeta Pradeep 9822037609 Read More
294 Maharashtra Pune Daund Dr. Khude Padmakar Nanasaheb 9765422088 Read More
295 Maharashtra Pune Kharadi Dr. Patil Arati Pramod 9823160430 Read More
296 Maharashtra Pune Landewadi Dr. Jadhavar (Kanagale) Smita N.A. Read More
297 Maharashtra Pune Mosh Pradhikaran Dr. Gaikwad Santosh Dattatray 9766814830 Read More
298 Maharashtra Pune Muthalne Dr. Khedkar Sachin Prabhakar N.A. Read More
299 Maharashtra Pune Pimpri Dr. Dr Sambhus Sanjeev Vasant 9890327472 Read More
300 Maharashtra Pune Pimpri Dr. Dr Sambhus Suhas Sanjeev 9890692120 Read More
301 Maharashtra Pune Pimpri Chinchwad Dr. Phalle Vidyadhar Baban 9850265920 Read More
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304 Maharashtra Pune Pune Dr. Karanjawane Sachin 9850235675 Read More
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306 Maharashtra Pune Pune Dr. Nahata Pankaj Rajendra 8087961412 Read More
307 Maharashtra Pune Pune Dr. Suryavanshi Rahul Subhash 9823071617 Read More
308 Maharashtra Pune Sangvi Dr. Makan Kiran Pradeep 9371020720 Read More
309 Maharashtra Pune Shirur, Shikrapur Dr. Temak Archana Dnyaneshwar 9730047358 Read More
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311 Maharashtra Raigad Khalapur Dr. Pawar Kapildev Vasantrao N.A. Read More
312 Maharashtra Sangli Ashta Dr. Metkar Rahul Bapu N.A. Read More
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314 Maharashtra Sangli Charan Dr. Dorkar Ajinkya Dilip 9158383004 Read More
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317 Maharashtra Sangli Mhaisal Dr. Vibhute Nilesh N.A. Read More
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319 Maharashtra Sangli Palus Dr. Gore Prashant N.A. Read More
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321 Maharashtra Sangli Palus Dr. Sarnaik Namita Deepak N.A. Read More
322 Maharashtra Sangli Sangli Dr. Shingan Sagar N.A. Read More
323 Maharashtra Sangli Vita Dr. Maner Nilam N.A. Read More
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327 Maharashtra Satara Lonand Dr. Galinde Krishna Ramrao 9890517196 Read More
328 Maharashtra Satara Lonand Dr. Kikale Avdhut 9421216896 Read More
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330 Maharashtra Satara Lonand Dr. Shelke Avinash 8208463187 Read More
331 Maharashtra Satara Lonand Dr. Shinde Kishor 9890412955 Read More
332 Maharashtra Satara Lonand Dr. Waydande Arati D. N.A. Read More
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334 Maharashtra Satara Satara Dr. Nikam Sandeep Tanaji 9850487568 Read More
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336 Maharashtra Solapur Dhondewadi-pandharpur. Dr. Dethe Rajabhau Popat 9657173717 Read More
337 Maharashtra Solapur Gursale Dr. Gutal Sachin Macchindra 8390636100 Read More
338 Maharashtra Solapur Karajagi Dr. Shiregond Basawaraj Gyanappa N.A. Read More
339 Maharashtra Solapur Karajagi Dr. Shiregond Renuka Basawaraj N.A. Read More
340 Maharashtra Solapur Mandrup Dr. Sindagi Bhimashankar N. N.A. Read More
341 Maharashtra Solapur Mangalwedha Dr. Mane Pravin N.A. Read More
342 Maharashtra Solapur Pandharpur Dr. Bhosale Sagar Ganpatrao 8275209456 Read More
343 Maharashtra Solapur Pandharpur Dr. Durugkar Sujeet Suresh 8550991112 Read More
344 Maharashtra Solapur Pandharpur Dr. Shinde Somnath Pralhad 8805687688 Read More
345 Maharashtra Solapur Ranzani Dr. Shinde Shreekrishna 9673465662 Read More
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347 Maharashtra Solapur Vairag Dr. Bhosale Sangita Babruwhan 9049088500 Read More
348 Maharashtra Thane Kalyan Dr. Doiphode Bhushan Machindranath 8655558865 Read More
349 Maharashtra Thane Kalyan Dr. Kadam Nilesh Shivaji 9657295292 Read More
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353 Maharashtra Thane Klayan Dr. Nagare Pradeep Shridhar 9970502466 Read More
354 Maharashtra Thane Nallasopara Dr. Bhele Aniruddha Gangadharrao 8983217015 Read More
355 Maharashtra Thane Netivali Dr. Patil Anil And Patil Bhushan N.A. Read More
356 Maharashtra Thane Shahapur Dr. Karpe Vikas Tukaram 9767241958 Read More
357 Maharashtra Thane Thane Dr. Dr Patil Dinesh Brijlal 9920905277 Read More
358 Maharashtra Thane Thane Dr. Gholap Sameer Sureshchandra 9820304881 Read More
359 Maharashtra Thane Thane Dr. Pandit Sayali Suresh 9594444182 Read More
360 Maharashtra Thane Thane Dr. Pandit Suresh Vaikunth 9892014421 Read More
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363 Maharashtra Wardha At.kawtha Po.nimbha Th.samudrapur Dist.wardha Dr. Urkude Sagar Pandurangji 8421585733 Read More
364 Maharashtra Wardha Kangaon Dr. Bhude Vivek Madhukarrao 8788151801 Read More
365 Maharashtra Wardha Pachod Dr. Thakur Prajwal Madansingh 9673017393 Read More
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380 Maharashtra Yeotmal Arni Dr. Mainde Atul Balmukund 9892830489 Read More
381 Maharashtra Yeotmal Asegoan Devi, Ta:babhulgoan, Dist:yavatmal Dr. Suddalwar Geetanjali Subhash 9552971211 Read More
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384 Maharashtra Yeotmal Babulgaon Dr. Gosavi Vikrant Shriramgir 9860169150 Read More
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386 Maharashtra Yeotmal Kali Dr. Rathod Jugal Prabhu 9767680867 Read More
387 Maharashtra Yeotmal Lohara Dr. Adhaukar Dr Aditya Arunrao 9970210408 Read More
388 Maharashtra Yeotmal Mahagaon Dr. Nilapwar Manoj Rangnath 8788954630 Read More
389 Maharashtra Yeotmal Nanza Dr. Jadhav Pankaj Vijaysing N.A. Read More
390 Maharashtra Yeotmal Pandharkawada Dr. Quazi Ahefaz Salahuddin Tajuddin 8855995589 Read More
391 Maharashtra Yeotmal Sadoba Sawali,ta,ani ,dis,yavatmal. Dr. Shinde Dr.vishal Millind 9552244667 Read More
392 Maharashtra Yeotmal Savaar,ta:babhulgoan, Dist:yavatmal Dr. Suddalwar Subhash Keshavrao 9404543374 Read More
393 Maharashtra Yeotmal Sawana Dr. Sabale Surajkumar Gajanan N.A. Read More
394 Maharashtra Yeotmal Yavatmal Dr. Ansari Nizamuddin Ghyasuddin 8308817617 Read More
395 Maharashtra Yeotmal Yavatmal Dr. Atara Manoj Nandlal 9890718008 Read More
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397 Maharashtra Yeotmal Yavatmal Dr. Dodewar Mahadeo Bajirao 9421844488 Read More
398 Maharashtra Yeotmal Yavatmal Dr. Mainde Vanita Atul 9867931030 Read More
399 Maharashtra Yeotmal Yavatmal Dr. Maniyar Dr Abdul Zuber Abdul Sattar 9271738881 Read More
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401 Maharashtra Yeotmal Yavatmal Dr. Sayani Nilofer Azaad 9372610385 Read More
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408 Punjab Sangrur Sherpur Dr. Rani Indra Satnam Verma 9983487487 Read More
409 Rajasthan Jaipur Phulera Dr. Dr. Mahesh Kumawat Ramnarayan Kumawat 8112289287 Read More
410 Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Dunda Shumali Bareilly Dr. Dr Md Nazim Nabi Mohammad 7830371002 Read More
411 Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Richha Baheri Bareilly U.p Pin Code- 243201 Dr. Siddiqui Mohd Junaid Maqsood Ahmad 8475836438 Read More
412 Uttar Pradesh Bhadohi Rajpura Dr. Maurya Dr Ashutosh Dr Rajendra Kumar Maurya 9454736822 Read More
413 Uttar Pradesh Bhadohi Station Road Bhadohi Dr. Mishra Anshuman Santosh Kumar Mishra 9559715744 Read More
414 Uttar Pradesh Etawah Basrehar Dr. Chaudhary Pawan Kumar 9634105668 Read More
415 Uttar Pradesh Etawah Etawah Dr. Chaudhary Pawan Kumar C S Chaudhary 9411991731 Read More
416 Uttar Pradesh Etawah Etawah Dr. Pandey Manoj Kumar 9412187070 Read More
417 Uttar Pradesh Etawah Etawah Dr. Tiwari Jai Krishna Sri Bktiwari 9410642244 Read More
418 Uttar Pradesh Etawah Etawah Dr. Verma Utkarsh Pranesh Kumar Verma 9411868393 Read More
419 Uttar Pradesh Etawah Friends Colony Dr. Tiwari Rajesh Kumar 9411939563 Read More
420 Uttar Pradesh Gautam Buddha Nagar Sector20 Dr. Gulati Ruchi Kamal 9910163477 Read More
421 Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad Loni Dr. Kashyap Nikhil Kumar 9654106019 Read More
422 Uttar Pradesh Kheri Mohammdi Dr. Singh Dr Kuldeep Mr .surendra Singh 6307106097 Read More
423 Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar Kushinagar Dr. Singh Sunil N.A. Read More
424 Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar Village Dr. Kumar Pramod Baijjnath 7566171412 Read More
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426 Uttar Pradesh Muzaffarnagar Goyla Dr. Balyan Ram Chander Om Pal 9119018006 Read More
427 Uttar Pradesh Saharanpur Saharanpur Dr. Khan Shahabaz Sajjad 9758172424 Read More
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