Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Programme – Womens Forum Nashik

NIMA Womens Forum, Nashik Dist branch, conducted Menstrual Hygiene Awareness programme on 08 June 2022  at Rachana trust, Nursing college Savarkar Nagar.

NIMA Nashik Womens Forum’s President  Dr Pranita Gujarathi  guided girls on menstrual health and hygiene & queries were answered .

Dr Jayshree suryawanshi explained importance of  ayurvedic diet for good menstrual health.

Dr Dipti badhe cleared the myths about menstrual cycle & explained the  scientific reason for every thing.

Dr Saroj Nikam had given information about iron folic  suppliments provided by government  to adolescence girls.

Dr Pranita Gujrathi, Dr Jayashri Suryavanshi, Dr Dipti Badhe, Dr Saroj Nikam and other committee members were present.

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